Cooperation with comprehensive school

Vollständiges Kollegium der INI Gesamtschule Bad Sassendorf
Complete teaching staff of the INI comprehensive school © Fraunhofer Mikroelektronik

On February 12, 2024, Dr. Andreas Middendorf from the Green ICT @ FMD project visited the INI comprehensive school in Bad Sassendorf to initiate a collaboration. Except for "sport," there were points of contact with green electronics in all subjects, which will be explored in greater depth soon. Jana Rückschloss from Fraunhofer IZM was also there virtually to present the scope3transparent project.

First start-ups to join the »Green ICT Space«

Dr. Philipp Wollmann und Dr. Wulf Grählert von DIVE imaging systems GmbH vor einem Green ICT Space Plakat
Dr. Philipp Wollmann and Dr. Wulf Grählert of DIVE imaging systems GmbH

The two start-ups DIVE imaging systems and XCCES have been participating in the program since January 2024. Find out more

Two use cases launched in Hub 1 "Sensor Edge Cloud Systems"

Kreislauf des Green ICT-Hub für SEC: Von Sensor Plattform zu Radio Kommunikation zum Edge Computing zur Edge Cloud

The Hub 1 Sensor Edge Cloud Systems (SEC) has launched the first phase of the validation projects. Previous results from the hub are being validated on real use cases together with industry partners. Two industrial partners have been successfully acquired for the "Metering" and "Condition Monitoring" use cases. Find out more


We have compiled a list of publications from 2022 and 2023 from the Green ICT @ FMD competence center for you. Go to the publications