Resource-optimized electronics production

Hub 3: Resource-optimized electronics production

Under the Green Deal, the EU has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and comprehensive climate and environmental protection. This framework aims to make the economy and the energy system more competitive, secure, and sustainable. As a vital sector of the economy, this also concerns microelectronics production on the way to a "Green Electronics Production" in Europe. The Green ICT Hub Resource-optimized electronics production, nine FMD locations, and their designated technology innovations contribute to this. The hub offers a broad technology spectrum with comprehensive offerings for semiconductor and PCB-based electronics production and facility equipment suppliers and materials and chemicals manufacturers.

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Energy- and resource-intensive semiconductor production is particularly relevant to the environment. This includes the manufacture of raw wafers, the actual IC production, and the downstream assembly and interconnection technology at the wafer and panel level. All aspects of quality assurance are environmentally relevant here, as the best possible yield must be achieved to keep the carbon footprint low. In addition to the semiconductor industry, the printed circuit board and substrate industry, including components and assembly, will also become more critical from an environmental point of view in the future due to ever more highly integrated groups and increasing demands on reliability and durability. More and more processes require energy-intensive clean room environments and high-quality materials. Process yield reparability and recyclability are also green issues with ever-increasing importance for electronics manufacturing.

Work packages

1) Hub-Coordination
  • Hub coordination internally and externally (hub project management)
  • Interface with FMD
2) Processing
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  • FEOL Wet processing
  • FEOL Lithography
  • FEOL Thermal processing
  • WLP
  • Validation projects
3) Cleanroom and infrastructure
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  • Energy-efficient cleanroom environment
  • Decrease of harmful exhaust emissions
  • Validation projects
4) Energy management in production lines
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  • Sensor system / energy assessment at process facilities
  • Evaluation and optimization of individual processes in terms of energy consumption
  • Validation projects
5) Structure and connection technology
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  • Green Packaging
  • Green Repair
  • Validation projects
6) Material substitution
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  • Substrate material substitution for III/V semiconductors
  • Chemical substitution
  • Gas chemicals substitute
  • WLP materials
  • Legal and criticality updates
  • Validation projects
7) Resource quantification platform for ICT production
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The resource flow quantification of the production processes and the embedding in life cycle assessments is carried out in a joint platform. The participating institutes apply the methods internally and, at the same time, prepare external offers. The simplified or life cycle environmental assessment of production networks represents an independent consultancy but simultaneously becomes an integral part of the work packages 1-6.

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