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Services from Hub III: Resource-optimized electronics production

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We examine your microelectronics production and develop proposals to reduce your CO2e footprint. Apply for a validation project and have your innovative manufacturing process checked right through to the product free of charge!

Areas examined: 

  • Resource-optimized microelectronic processes 
  • Energy-efficient cleanroom environment 
  • Decrease of harmful exhaust emissions 
  • Optimization of individual processes in terms of energy and material consumption 
  • Ecologically sustainable design and connection technology 
  • Replacement of critical materials (CMR and/or PFAS materials) 

Focus topics: 

  • Consideration in operation: energy savings in selected scenarios 
  • Consideration of the resource input during production by determining the CO2e footprint (if information is available for the calculation or assessment).
  • We offer to carry out a life cycle assessment for your manufacturing processes.
  • The validation project's result is presented as a case study (theoretical consideration), which illustrates the savings potential through Green ICT technology. The final results are also published. Company-specific data will be treated confidentially on request.

What we offer

Reconditioning of carrier wafers
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  • Cleaning process for 300mm glass wafers for multiple reuse of glass wafers
  • Reduction of glass wafer scrap and thus of CO2-Emmissionen
New cleaning methods in wet chemistry
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  • EKC265 substitution for cleaning TSV according to Bosch process
  • Use of solvents or solvent mixtures that are not carcinogenic and not very harmful to aquatic organisms
FEOL Thermal processing
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  • Replacement of traditional batch furnace processes by rapid thermal processing in the field of high-quality oxides (e.g. gate oxidation) for the production of complex technologies
  • Evaluation of material and energy consumption for technology modules using furnace oxides
Metal-metal bonding processes
More info
  • Use of hybrid integration based on Al-Al wafer bonding in the MPW range, production of hybrid technologies with optimized performance-cost-trade-off
  • Evaluation of material and energy consumption for entire technology processes in terms of consumption vs. expenditure

EKC replacement for post-metal etch remover
More info
  • Introduction of more environmentally friendly alternatives than EKC265 for cleaning
  • Fluorides, amines, hydroxylamine and pyrocatechol-free, low process temperature, without rinsing with isopropanol
Optimization of consumption CMP
More info
  • Process optimization with slurries from less critical sources or materials, advice on recycling tools, characterization on test structures
  • Replacement of Ce- by SiO2-containing slurries; reduction of water consumption in the post-process, recycling and re-use of slurries, determination of consumption and CO2-equivalents
Footprint creation in photolithography
More info
  • Creation of the IN/OUT material and energy flows of a coater and developer in an industrial environment
  • Process-dependent CO2-balancing and optimization

PECVD Clean mit Fluorgasmischung (FAN = F<sub>2</sub>/Ar/N<sub>2</sub>)
More info
  • Advice on FAN gas installation, creation and optimization of the plasma cleaning recipe
  • Complete replacement of climate-damaging cleaning gases (C2F6 und NF3) through FAN gas
Integrated scrubber system incl. analysis and treatment of harmful gases
More info
  • Harmful gases, investigation of PECVD cleaning processes. Available cleaning gases: PFCs, SF6, NF3, FAN
  • Processes with the lowest possible amount of wash water or lowest possible propane gas flow

Energy management
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  • Balancing of processes that are linked to energy quantities, including optimization
  • Life cycle assessment of specific oxides possible

Optimizing the media savings of tools in semiconductor production
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  • Consulting on energy efficiency when using machines and systems. With mobile energy loggers, the electrical parameters can be recorded with time resolution and correlated directly with running processes
  • Depending on the initial situation, tool-dependent energy savings of up to 25 % can be achieved. Measurements allow life cycle assessment of individual processes

Replacement materials & optimized packaging processes
More info
  • Process parameters for the production of InGaAs/InAlAs/InP heterostructures on silicon substrates
  • Reduction of the arsenic content in electronic high-frequency circuits by 99.99 %

NMP replacement
More info
  • Alternative NMP substances with advantages and disadvantages have been tested. These tests can be extended by extensive knowledge of characterizations.
  • Process evaluation without NMP

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