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"Green ICT @ FMD" at the MST Congress

10. MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2023

The "Green ICT @ FMD" competence center was represented at this year's MST Congress from 23 to 25 October in Dresden. The "Green ICT Award", the student prize for theses in the field of sustainable electronics, will be presented for the first time. In addition, our experts will present the contents of the competence center in more detail and classify the topic of green ICT thematically. 

Green ICT Award ceremony

The "Green ICT Award" is a student prize for final theses in the field of sustainable electronics, which is being awarded for the first time this year. The prize was initiated by the "Green ICT @ FMD" competence center. The award ceremony will take place on October 24 at 10:00 a.m. in the plenum.

Logo Green ICT Award 2023
Preis für den 1. Platz des Green ICT Awards

Procedure of the award ceremony

The three winners will present their studies at the poster session of the MST Congress. The studies will be presented to the audience in specially produced videos. The nominated theses will be rewarded with a cash prize: 1st place - 2,500 euros, 2nd place - 1,000 euros, 3rd place - 500 euros. More information about the award

Contributions from the Competence Center at the MST Congress (in German)

Wednesday, October 25, 3:50 p.m:
„Kompetenzzentrum für eine ressourcenbewusste Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik – Green ICT @ FMD“
Dr. Nils F. Nissen (Fraunhofer IZM)

Wednesday, October 25, 4:50 p.m:
„Energie- und Ressourcenbedarf der IKT in Deutschland bis 2035“
Dr. Nils F. Nissen und Dr. Lutz Stobbe (Fraunhofer IZM)

Portraitaufnahme Dr. Manuel Thesen, Projektverantwortlicher des Kompetenzzentrums Green ICT @ FMD


Dr. Manuel Thesen, project manager of the "Green ICT @ FMD" competence center, in an interview with Fraunhofer IUK-TECHNOLOGIE (May 2023).