The Green ICT Award for students

The Green ICT Award is presented annually to students who apply with their final theses on sustainable electronics. The "Green ICT @ FMD" competence center rewards outstanding student theses in resource-saving information and communication technology. The study award is initiated by Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland (FMD), which aims to answer tomorrow's questions with today's research activities in the field of microelectronics and attaches particular importance to the sustainable promotion of young talent.

Modell des Green ICT Awards

How are the best works rewarded?

The nominated theses will be rewarded with a cash prize:
1st place – 2.500 Euro
2nd place – 1000 Euro
3rd place – 500 Euro
The three nominees will also receive an exclusive invitation to participate in the Green ICT Camp in the following year. The award was presented once before in 2023 - all information about the winners, including videos, can be found here:
->Award ceremony 2023

Who can apply?

Students and young professionals who have written their theses in the field of green ICT. Bachelor's and Master's theses from German universities and colleges are accepted. The theses can be submitted in German or English and must not be older than two years.

Which courses of study are the focus?

Microsystems engineering, micro- and nanotechnology, electrical engineering, embedded systems (design), physics, and the like; computer engineering, information technology, etc.; environmental economics, energy, and environmental engineering; environmental and resource management, etc.; and related courses.

How to apply?

Simply use the online form to upload your thesis and long abstract. Please note the specifications for the long abstract (in German). Unfortunately, the application deadline for this year's award is April 30, 2024. Please try again next year!

How does the selection process work?

A jury team chaired by Prof. Amelie Hagelauer (Institute Director Fraunhofer EMFT, Chair of Micro- and Nanosystems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich) will evaluate the submitted long abstracts and the complete theses. The applicants will then be informed of the jury's decision by email. The three nominees will be invited to the award ceremony, where the final ranking will be determined.

Übersicht Bewerbungszeitraum Green ICT Award 2024: Am 30.04.2024 erfolgt der Bewerbungsschluss, die Auswahl durch die Jury erfolgt bis August und die offizielle Preisverleihung wird am 16.10.2024 bei der Green ICT Connect stattfinden

Portraitaufnahme Prof. Amelie Hagelauer, Institutsleiterin Fraunhofer EMFT, Jury-Vorsitzende Green ICT Award

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, and research topics are becoming more complex. We need great enthusiasm from our youth today to look forward to tomorrow with excitement. With the Green ICT Award, we at FMD want to foster this enthusiasm for sustainable microelectronics and give up-and-coming research talent a platform to present their developments to the industry.

Prof. Amelie Hagelauer, Institute Director Fraunhofer EMFT, Jury Chair Green ICT Award

Interviews on the Green ICT Award

Review of the 2023 award ceremony

Aufnahme der Bühne bei der Green ICT Award Verleihung 2023

In October 2023, the Green ICT Award was presented for the first time during the MikroSystemTechnik (MST) Congress. The three winners, Kareem Mansour from the University of Freiburg (1st place), Alexander Maximilian Busch from HAW Hamburg (2nd place) and Tugana Ceren Aslan from TU Berlin (3rd place), received prize money as well as the opportunity to present their theses at the congress poster session and in specially produced videos, which were subsequently made available online to a wide audience.