Grüne Pflanze als Sinnbild für Nachhaltigkeit in der Mikroelektronik

The eco-booster for your product

Services from Hub I: Sensor Edge Cloud Systems

We examine your products from the IoT and ICT environment and develop proposals for reducing your CO2e footprint. Apply for a validation project and have your product checked free of charge!

What we offer

Offers for Embedded Green AI
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Technological offers

  • Automated energy evaluation of hardware (microcontroller, application processor, neuromorph) and software
  • Combinations for AI models
  • Database with basic data for the life cycle assessment of AI hardware

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Comparison of energy consumption
  • AI solution on various hardware platforms
  • Optimization potential at hardware and software level
Offers for energy self-sufficient IoT sensor nodes
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Technological offers

  • Estimation of CO2footprint reduction
  • Reduction of CO2footprint reduction
  • Minimization of power loss
  • Green IoT solutions

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Characterization of energy efficiency
  • Environmental and sustainability assessment
  • Development of optimization sets
Offers for Green Multisensor Platforms
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Assessment of CO2balance of sensor components and sensor systems:

  • Metrological environmental assessment of the superstructure
  • Advice on optimizing operational management and component selection

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Analysis of sensor components
  • Evaluation and optimization of operations with regard to energy efficiency (including technology selection and benchmarking)
  • Overall view of data processing, data transmission and assembly
Offers for edge computing & edge cloud systems
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  • Energy saving opportunities with the technology "energy-efficient containers and virtualization on distributed embedded systems"
  • Support with system integration/adaptation to industry requirements
  • poL circuit development
  • AI for circuit development

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Energy savings in partial load scenarios through intelligent dynamic software distribution and targeted shutdown
  • Integrierte Stromsensorknoten mit Auswertung in der Edge Cloud unter Nutzung von KI als Messinstrument

We offer to carry out a life cycle assessment for your IoT use case, for example in the field of metering, with a focus on wireless IoT sensors and the communication interface. Aspects such as energy harvesting, wireless communication and embedded AI are considered in particular.

The result of the validation project is in the form of a case study (theoretical consideration), which presents the savings potential through Green ICT technology. The final results will also be published. Company-specific data will be kept confidential upon request.

Darstellung der Kompetenzen des Sensor-Edge-Cloud-Hubs: IoT Sensor Plattform, Funkbasierte Kommunikation, Edge-Cloud, Server/Cloud

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    Which question about CO2e footprint reduction should be answered?

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    Through which technological component is the increase in efficiency to be achieved?

    Sensor selectionEnergy HarvestingEmbedded KIRadio communicationEdge Computing