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Services from Hub II: Energy-saving communication infrastructures

We examine your products from the ICT sector, assistieren bei der Öko-Bilanzierung der Systeme und arbeiten Vorschläge zur reducing your CO2e footprint. Apply for a validation project and have your product checked and its environmental footprint determined free of charge!

Areas examined

  • Testbed for 5G network at 3.7 GHz
  • X-Haul wireless: components and links for fronthaul and backhaul up to 300 GHz
  • X-Haul optical: Optical links and transceivers

Focus topics

  • Testing of hardware and software components in the 5G test field and evaluation of 5G/6G subsystems and individual components with regard to energy consumption
  • Protocol-based methods for load-adaptive control of mobile networks
  • Digitalized MIMO-TRx
  • Energy-efficient antenna subsystems for 5G mm-waves
  • MIMO modules with OTA interfaces up to 67 GHz / up to 270 GHz
  • Radio link 60 GHz - P2mP
  • D-band links for fronthaul/backhaul - SiGe MIMO system and InP/Si system for long-range links
  • H-band measuring systems: components and testbed
  • Optical systems laboratory
  • LiFi / TSN
  • Radio-over-fiber systems
  • Digital EO transceiver
  • Grid planning

What we offer

Offers for 5G Testbed
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Technological offers

  • Development and testing of algorithms/apps for grid optimization with regard to energy consumption
  • Conformity, interoperability and performance tests of O-RAN radio units with simultaneous recording of power consumption
Offers for X-haul wireless
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Technological offers

  • Consulting: digitization, energy-efficient circuits/modules/front ends
  • Measuring stations Components: Digital TRx, antennas and MIMO up to 500 GHz
  • Outdoor test fields: Development of MMICs, modules, subsystems, system architecture up to 300 GHz, use of 60 GHz link

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Balancing InP-HBT and GaN processes
  • Digitalization
  • Balance sheet D-Band Link
  • Evaluation of bandwidths in the H-band for P2P and P2MP
Offers for X-haul optical
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Technological offers

  • Consulting: Characterization of transmission systems, subsystems or optical components with regard to energy consumption - in close connection with measuring stations
  • Test stations: Optical Access Network, Optical Wide Area Network, 110 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer, TSN Testbed

Offers Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Potential Analysis

  • Data acquisition on the energy consumption of components, subsystems and overall installations as part of the measuring stations set up

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